How do I secure my booking with you?

I would love to sit down with you for coffee or tea and discuss what your beauty inspirations are for your wedding day!  I either book with clients in person, or we complete the booking via email, I deal with many clients who aren’t currently living in the province or country.  Your wedding date can be secured by completing a bridal service agreement , along with a 50% deposit towards to total wedding day bookingPlease note due to the number of inquires I receive I am unable to hold a wedding date until both the completed  bridal service agreement and deposit are received.


How soon should I book with you?

I receive inquires from brides daily, to ensure I am available I recommend booking sooner rather then later, as weekends are booked very quickly.


When should I book a Bridal Consultation with you?

I recommend booking your bridal consultation 3-6 months in advance of your wedding date, details pertaining to your wedding are generally confirmed or last-minute details are in process, there fore you generally will know more about the way you want to look. I also recommend booking your trial a date you will be having your engagement shoot, or a bridal shower or are attending another wedding yourself, this way you have ample opportunity to see how the makeup wears in person and in photo graphs and others get to see the beautiful you!


How much time do you need to do makeup on my wedding day?

I require 30-40 minutes per application, I also require up to an additional half an hour on top of the scheduled makeup applications for necessary touch ups or just in case there have been delays and extra time is needed.


Should I have my hair done before my makeup?

Although it is best if your makeup is done after your hair as heated appliances and sprays can interfere with the finished look, not always does time allow for this, depending on your timeline and the size of your wedding party. The hair stylist and I usually work in rotation and some bridal party members may have their makeup done prior to hair, or vice versa.


Do you supply touch up product?

Available to purchase day of your wedding are full size lipsticks, blotting papers, or a luxury touch up kit that includes Cassie’s beauty musts!